How to start developing with JavaScript Optimizer - JSO?
The mandatories information to start a project with JavaScript Optimizer - JSO are given in the Getting Started section.

To learn about the way to configure JavaScript Optimizer - JSO, have a look to the Descriptor section.

How to set the debug mode ?
JavaScript Optimizer - JSO provides a really simple way to debug your resources.

If you have a production JSP and that you want to debug your resources imported easily, just copy the following line in your browser url field:

Don't worry, your page won't get erase, a simple popup will appear validating the operation. Now the debug mode is set. To cancel it, execute the same process, setting the value of the exploded mode to false :

How to build a group out of a web context ?
JavaScript Optimizer - JSO provide a class permitting to run the build outside of a web context, by a class containing a main() method.

Run the Java class com.ideo.jso.main.JSOMain, giving it in argument a list of group to minimize, comma separated, and a resulting file name.

The resulting JavaScript file (not CSS yet) will be built in the file specified.